SmokeFree Pennsylvania presents

SmokeFree Restaurants of
 Southwestern Pennsylvania  

   (the original online resource for smokefree dining in Pennsylvania)


Secondhand Smoke

The restaurants listed in this guide have made a commitment to public health. They know the importance of a smokefree environment to both the dining public and their employees. Some key points:

1) The so-called “non-smoking sections” of restaurants do not provide adequate separation or ventilation to ensure a safe atmosphere.

2) Secondhand Smoke in restaurants is virtually impossible to remove.

3) Several of the poisons in tobacco smoke are odorless, giving a false sense of security to the customer who does not smell smoke. 

4) A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1997 concludes that involuntary smoking contributes to irreversible hardening of the arteries.

SmokeFree Pennsylvania encourages your patronage of the above establishments to promote the goal of smoke-free public areas and your individual health. These restaurants believe in the FAIR concept:

Fresh Air Is a Right!

Studies show that smokefree dining is a good business decision!  You are encouraged to show this list to restaurant managers in the hope that it will encourage more restaurants to go smokefree.
This list does not guarantee the status of any particular restaurant – please call to verify the smokefree policy. If you would like to add a restaurant to the list, please e-mail SmokeFree Pennsylvania.


Don’t spend your cash

where you’re forced

to breathe trash!