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NEWS: January 2005

Latest News – In two separate surveys conducted in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania, a strong majority of those surveyed support smokefree laws.

Pennsylvania survey brochure:

Philadelphia survey article:

England and Scotland will ban smoking in public places within the next few years.  This move follows the successful example set by Ireland. 

              England article      Scotland article

“This is a controllable and preventable form of indoor air pollution.  It is evident that no infant, child or adult should be exposed to second-hand smoke.” – Report to UK government by the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (Scoth)

View the Health Canada TV ad on 2ndHand Smoke.  

Rhode Island has passed smokefree workplace legislation, which includes all restaurants and bars – the law goes into effect March 2005.Columbus, OH and Huntington, WV are now smokefree.  Minneapolis & Bloomington, Minnesota just passed a smokefree restaurant & bar ordinance that takes effect next March.

Smoking Bans Go Global:   

Smoky Bars Top Roads for Bad Air:

New warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Anyone at risk of heart disease should entirely avoid indoor public spaces where smoking is allowed. According to the CDC, exposure to secondhand smoke for as little as 30 minutes can significantly increase your risk of heart attack.

Maryland, New Jersey & Vermont are now considering laws to provide smokefree workplaces for everyone – including restaurant and bar employees.  For more info and to express support, see